Clothing labels

Clothing labels

The distinctive feature of the brand

For close to 200 years, we have been manufacturing woven labels, clothing labels and all types of identification labels for the professionals of the fashion world and the textile industry. We understand and share their aesthetic and quality requirements and offer them suitable solutions through innovation and service.

To achieve this, we master up-to-the-minute techniques: high density Jacquard weaving, shuttle weaving, printing on all types of substrates (silk screen, flexo, digital, transfer, etc.) and web to print digital solutions (e-store, pro e-logistics).

Textile identification

We produce all the items required to identify your brand on your textile products. Textile labels, rubber or leather labels, textile, personalised textile bands or ribbons, paper hangtags, textile badges and accessories.

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Bespoke finishes

We also master all the essential finishes to the professionals of the fashion, ready-made clothing and textile industry: cutting and folding, seam marking, laser cutting, stiffening coatings, special conditioning, etc.

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Your 100% recycled polyester brand labels

To support you in your eco-design process, discover our recycled polyester labels made from 100% reprocessing of plastic bottles.


Woven in France from an innovative European yarn, these labels offer the guarantee of production carried out under responsible social, environmental and chemical conditions.




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