Digital services, data management and applications

Digital services, data management and applications

Management of digital and physical data

Thanks to our mastery of the management and processing of variable data, we automatically carry out the encoding,

the physical integration of the unique codes in each label and the association between them of your physical and digital data,

in our secure workshop.

Digital services and options for processing your data

We offer a set of options to support you in the processing of your data and in the deployment of your traceability system.


Automated and secure supply

We ensure the automated distribution of connected labels and accessories directly to your suppliers throughout the world thanks to a secure pro e-boutique.


  • An interface for the brand : custom dashboards, statistical et quantity checks, shop administration and file exchange, management of Supplier Access rights
  • An interface for its suppliers:  a private web shop, permanent order processing, tracking orders and tracking deliveries, automated entry of variable labeling data


Homogeneity and conformity of your labeling with all your suppliers

Uniformity of colors / sizes/ materials and data validity

Applications and software: custom development or specialised partners

We support you in the choice of your control software, readers, equipment and in the design and development of tailor-made business applications.


Our labels also plug into most existing applications (traceability platform, blockchain, SAAS platform).



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