Bpifrance finances and supports companies in their development, ecological and energy transition, innovation and international projects.

The Coq Vert Community is a community of leaders convinced of the need to act and already committed to the ecological and energy transition. Launched by Bpifrance, in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, this Community aims to promote the sharing of expertise between committed entrepreneurs.

It is the unique French movement that brings together start-ups, but also investors, decision-makers and community builders and whose mission is to make France one of the most attractive countries.

The French Fab, launched on October 2, 2017 by Bruno Lemaire, is the banner of French industry on the move and embodies the companies, economic players, institutions and industrial sites located in France who recognize themselves in the desire to develop french industry.

France's economic recovery plan 2020-2022 is a program established by the French government with the aim of reviving the French economy.


The Village by CA is a unique system of innovation accelerators for start-ups and businesses in the region.


BNP Paribas Développement supports companies in their long-term development strategy or in their shareholder management.

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The Region offers more than 300 forms of aid on a permanent basis, to all its audiences: individuals, businesses, local authorities, associations, establishments of general interest.

For more than 40 years, Crowe Avvens has been committed to providing companies with quality solutions in the fields of auditing, accounting expertise, social management and consulting, at each stage of the company's life. company.


Requet Chabanel is an independent business law firm present in Lyon and Paris. It offers recognized expertise and know-how in terms of advice and assistance in corporate law, tax law, social law, contract law, competition and intellectual property.


Since 2014, the association M la vie avec Lisa has been supporting research against sarcomas and is committed to the well-being of patients through solidarity, cultural and creative actions.

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With the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne, thematic exhibitions, conferences, editions... the Cité du design disseminates design culture, stimulates curiosity for the contemporary world and promotes experimentation for all audiences, from the most specialized to the most novice.

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The Fête du Livre punctuates each literary season for all readers, young and old. It is the unmissable cultural and festive event in the heart of the city of Saint-Etienne, followed by amateurs and professionals from all over the region.

An essential place, the museum has three technical collections of national and international scope: weapons, cycles and ribbons.

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The Festival des 7 Collines aims to participate in the cultural life of the city of Saint-Étienne and its agglomeration by offering a unique event open to a wide audience. The festival presents the most innovative creators of our time: artists, deeply committed to their art, who shake up codes and reinvent live performance.

The École nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne, also known as Mines Saint-Étienne, is one of the 204 French engineering schools accredited on September 1, 2020 to issue an engineering degree.

In 1943, with 7 other entrepreneurs from Saint-Etienne, the directors of Neyret created the CFIE2S : a social assistance, occupational medicine and pension insurance service. The centre still exists today and allows employees to access a social worker to support them in all their personal and professional matters. Social security before its time!

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A Geiq is a group of companies, driven by its members. It brings together companies that bet on the potential of people with difficulty in accessing employment to solve their structural recruitment problems, by organizing integration and qualification pathways.

A network of employment and training agencies, FERGUSS recruits and trains candidates and employees of companies in logistics, industry and the service sector.

IFTH is the French technology center of reference for each company or national brand in the textile-clothing sector.

FAÇON DE FAIRE brings together all the players in the textile and fashion industry who are committed to 100% Made in France in order to innovate collectively and manufacture sustainable clothing locally.

Since its inception in 2007, EcoVadis has become the largest and most trusted sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rating organization, creating a global network of over 90,000 assessed companies.

The Pôle ecoconception is the national center for eco-design and life cycle performance.


For more than 30 years, Ecocert has supported many players in the deployment and promotion of sustainable practices through certification, advice and training.


Techtera's primary mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of its members through collaborative innovation and to contribute to the influence of the French textile industry both nationally and internationally.


Fashiongreenhub is the association that brings together all the players in ecological, ethical and circular fashion.


Committed for 30 years to the fight against climate change and the degradation of resources, ADEME is determined to move the lines to build a more sober and united society. ADEME is at the service of all players (State, companies, communities, citizens) to accelerate the reduction of our energy consumption, develop renewable energies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Founded in 1976, CGI is one of the world's leading digital services and consulting firms.

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