A global footprint

8 languages spoken

The assurance of personalised monitoring of your international projects.


5 sales offices

In Paris,  London,  New-York,  Hong-Kong, Milan bringing us close to our clients across the world.


2 assembly and sourcing subsidiaries

Haining – Akouda, meaning we can materialise your products as soon as possible.

Supply chain and international logistics

Over 50 dispatches per day and 250 tonnes of goods shipped from our plants every year to over 50 countries.  Our force also lies in supporting you in your international logistics by being capable of guaranteeing reliable and secure multi-site distribution.

A network of flexible partners for material sourcing

For yarns, metal parts, plastic injection, card or paper printing, we can boast long-standing business relations with partners at the top of their game. They are selected and audited by us and all meet with a specification in terms of certification, safety and social undertaking having signed up to our ethics code.

Discover our ethics code


Manpower of 150 dedicated to innovation

We have manpower with local traditional and high-tech skills dedicating their expertise on a daily basis to their work and driven by a passion for textile excellence. The Neyret team made up of textile engineers, seamstresses, weavers, printers and sales teams works with the must-have customer satisfaction in mind.

Industrial capabilities

With an industrial surface area of 6,000 m² rounding up over 100 machines, we offer our clients one of the biggest industrial ribbon printing and narrow Jacquard weaving capabilities in Europe. We invest a significant amount of our turnover into revamping our industrial resources and improving productivity.


We have designed in-house a large part of our production processes enabling our clients access to cutting edge proprietary technologies.

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