Who we are

Who we are

A passion for textile excellence

Neyret has been manufacturing textile identification articles since its outset in 1823. Originally focused on the production of official ribbons, it quickly became a high flyer in the design of branding and image-building articles. NEYRET has now gained benchmark status among the leaders of the luxury and fashion world for the elegance and quality of its products and is driven by its passion for textile excellence through innovation, creativity and an extensive international footprint.

Local foothold

Set up in Saint-Etienne (half an hour drive from Lyon) in a historically textile area, over the years the company has amassed second-to-none expertise in narrow textile weaving and printing. Its manpower with local traditional and high-tech skills dedicates its expertise on a daily basis to its work with a strong passion for textile excellence.

A family business

Passed on from generation to generation, this family ribbon business has lasted through the ages thanks to its constant ability to tweak its offering, to stay tuned to the market and to match its industrial resources by way of on-going investments. As an experienced designer and renowned manufacturer, it has now forged itself a reputation for high technical performance and innovation to maintain and enhance its expertise while diversifying its business ensuring a sustainable future to its production units in France.

Fundamental values


Excellence is a key component to our expertise and a true reflection of the passion for textile that drives the company and its manpower.


Innovation is a corporate value which has always been a top priority in our capital investment.


With over 40% of our business dedicated to export, NEYRET is resolutely outward looking and well established globally.

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