Our CSR approach

Our CSR approach


Firmly anchored in our DNA, the social and environmental responsibility of our company is a traditionally natural and logical transversal approach. It forms part of every decision, every project and every strategic issue of our structure.



Our action is currently based on four pilars :






Making environmental protection a major concern.

A range of low impact products and services

More than 12 years ago, we were the first to offer our customers a range of environmentally friendly ribbons and accessories made from certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. Since then, we have greatly expanded our range by integrating a wide variety of innovative biobased, biodegradable or recycled raw materials.


We strive to diversify resources as much as possible to limit their depletion while guaranteeing a comprehensive aesthetic and creative choice for our customers. It goes without saying that we also diversify the geographical origins to enable regional production.


Finally, we go the extra mile by offering our customers eco-friendly packaging : paper bags, 100% paper stickers, biobased protective films, recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging and packaging rings, reusable point-of-sale displays, etc., made of wood


Reducing the impact of our operations

From reducing waste to rationalising our industrial resources and regional production, our eco-design runs throughout the entire business.


In 2020 and 2021, by focusing our efforts on sorting and thanks to a better understanding of our waste, we reduced our non-hazardous waste by a further 25% and 10% respectively.


Finally, in recent years, we have put our international organisation in line with a regional vision of the world, locating our subsidiaries in strategic areas so that our products travel fewer kilometres. We take pride today in being able to offer our customers local delivery in the main distribution areas for their products.


People at the heart of our commitment.

Ensuring respect and safety of people

We ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees around the world. We promote respect and acceptance because we are convinced of the positive impact of these values on workplace fulfilment and collective success.


We believe in the power of cultural diversity and are committed to creating links between people within the group to develop dialogue and sharing.

Ensuring quality of working life

Neyret has always placed the men and women who make up the company at the centre of its commitments, thus naturally building, over time, a group in which the human being is at the heart of everything we do.


We consider the well-being of our employees to be an essential ingredient of our collective driving force. We are therefore committed to taking their expectations into account in order to offer them a quality workplace while striking the right work/life balance.


“49th year at Neyret and I haven’t seen the time go by! From thread warping to making of decorative ribbons, I’ve been through several jobs and I’ve
always liked my job, my colleagues and the company in general. We make beautiful products for beautiful brands and that too is a plus for me as I really appreciate beautiful things.”

Commitment to equal opportunities and personal development

Now more than ever we believe in the industry as a professional springboard and a factor of social progression. We encourage talent of all kinds and clearly recognise the role of the company in the advancement of people and their careers.


We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities and fair treatment for all our employees in our daily work.


Being useful to our environment.

Supporting local initiatives through solidarity

W e are aware of the importance of our contribution to the economic, social, educational and cultural fabric of our local communities. We are resolutely focused on the local level so we do not simply invest in but make it a point of honour to become a local stakeholder in our community.


We support several charities with material and financial donations in order to promote causes that are dear to us.


We are committed to integrating young people and those who been excluded from the workforce by devoting time to their training and leading specialised groups. to  charities, cultural, educational and local associations.

Listening to our stakeholders : building lasting relationships and getting involved

Thanks to our heritage and continuity, we naturally build our development on healthy, constructive and reliable relationships.


Customers, employees, suppliers, public authorities and institutions, civil society and associations, social partners, local residents and the environment, banks and shareholders, etc. We take on board the expectations of our stakeholders thanks to precise mapping of their requirements based on our ISO 9001 standard.

Focusing our strategic issues on societal change

Over our 200-year history, we have built up solid expertise in our traditional skills, which are now recognised as true crafts. We are fully committed to our role in maintaining this knowledge and passing it on to future generations.


To guarantee its longevity and ensure the competitiveness of our industry on the world stage, we supplement this core expertise with innovations that are directly relevant to the major issues of our target markets: eco-design, traceability and the circular economy.


We are proud today that we have never relocated our production units based on these specialised and distinctive skills and thereby rank among the most active representatives of France’s industrial heritage.


Remaining guarantors of our fundamental challenges.

Ensuring customer satisfaction

We make customer satisfaction our priority and for several years now we have made it our goal to have a commercial approach with the emphasis on proximity, monitoring and availability.


Thanks to our ISO 9001 certified integrated management system, we can guarantee our customers the rigour and reliability of our processes, thus providing them with the assurance of durable products thanks to a very high level of quality.

Regulatory compliance

We methodically monitor our legal and regulatory compliance, opting for the most demanding certifications to clearly and transparently demonstrate the  fundamentals of our approach throughout our value chain.



Responsible purchasing, transparency and ethics

We work with an ecosystem of reliable and qualified partners throughout our manufacturing chain. Each supplier or strategic partner is audited by us and signs a stringent contractual framework, covering issues such as quality, ethics, confidentiality and intellectual property.


We ensure that our values and ethical principles are respected on our sites and those of our suppliers. To this end, we have drawn up an ethics charter which is valid for all our subsidiaries, subcontractors, suppliers and partners.



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