The technologies integrated into our traceability labels

The technologies integrated into our traceability labels

Smart and connected labeling : protection, traceability et anti-counterfeit

We have been phasing smart technologies into our products for several years now to respond to the identification, authentication, traceability and digital communication requirements of brands.

The mix of our core expertise with advanced technologies, perfectly integrated into the product offering, whatever the use, means we can provide you with tailor-made solutions to make your articles feature-rich in full compliance with your graphic charter and your creative inspirations.


Thanks to our variable data weaving technology, each label is woven with a unique and different QR Code. The code can provide different forms of information (text, serial number, alphanumeric code, Url, etc.) and be updated on reading.

  • It can be read by all smartphones with context-aware features depending on the user’s profile.
  • The uniqueness of the data enables a variety of possibilities in terms of monitoring, traceability, unit identification and even anti-counterfeiting
  • The QR code label can be non-reproducible and nonduplicable
  • The QR code is a popular and world-renowned open source technology.
  • The QR code can be integrated into the label design. It can also be placed on the back of the label.


The integration of RFID technology mixed with that of the Qr code in the same label makes it possible to obtain a transversal product (woven label + service) offering services to both the customer and the brand.


This technological label responds to the problems of logistics, flow or stock management encountered by the brand. It can also offer the user informative content or digital experiences.


It can therefore be used both for the industrial side and for the user experience, and the information from the two technologies goes back to the same database.


The + of this product: the woven label is recyclable and the RFID tag is reusable.

Label + RFID tag

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we discreetly integrate a UHF RFID tag into a high-end woven label. An attractive and durable solution to meet your remote identification, traceability and data reading requirements.

  • Bulk reading from specific readers that can be fixed or portable.
  • Tracking of flows, traceability, real-time inventories but also interactive showcases and other connected warehouse applications
  • The data in the tag can be read/write protected by an authentication or encryption system
  • High performance read distances and very high ROIs thanks to instantaneous data access.
  • The RFID tag and antenna are integrated into and concealed on the back of a 100% customisable highend jacquard woven label.


NFC is the ideal tool for conveying enriched content to consumers and developing new experiences for users through digital.

  • Most smartphones are natively equipped with NFC readers. Reading is instantaneous, without application and without contact
  • A perfect solution for developing consumer experience and for brand protection applications
  • NFC tags can be encrypted and protected against copying or forgery. They are now used in many secure applications, in particular banking
  • NFC technology can now be combined with UHF RFID thanks to bi-technology tags, offering a unique answer to problems of identification, traceability and
  • The NFC tag can display different shapes, small, round, even a personalized design! It can be discreet and very easily integrated into a textile accessory.


During the label weaving process, we integrate a special yarn that looks like a standard one but contains an innovative technological marker that can only be detected by a dedicated specific reader.

  • Simple and immediate authentication takes place thanks to a Yes/No reader instantly detecting the presence of the technological marker.
  • A discreet and highly effective solution for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting with a high level of security.
  • The yarn with the marker cannot be detected by the naked eye (even under UV or infrared) and it cannot be reproduced.
  • The special yarn contains a chemical tagging agent that can only be detected by a specific optical reader.
  • The formulation contained in the yarn and the reader likely to detect it can be specifically and exclusively developed for a brand

LABEL or textile accessories + AUGMENTED REALITY

Using 2D code technology, these labels integrate a smartphone augmented reality functionality making for featurerich articles (IoT) to reach your target audience.

  • 2D code can be read by smartphones via the free application. The reader can also be white labelled to other applications.
  • Ideal for functionalising inert objects or rolling out digital communication, 2D codecan also be an identification and tracking tool.
  • 2D code can be protected to be non-reproducible and non-duplicable when coupled with a physical or digital anti-counterfeiting solution.
  • 2D code boasts high-performance reading compared to other 2D codes (5x faster and more efficient).
  • 2D code feature many creative and advanced customization options to capitalise on brand colours.

Source labeling

Combined with our online services, our technological labeling solutions are installed directly at the source, during the manufacture of your items, allowing logistical monitoring from the production workshop to the store: the right product, at the right time, in the right place.


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