A responsible and ecological greeting card manufactured in France

A responsible and ecological greeting card manufactured in France

1 greeting card sent = 1 tree planted

Because saying it is good but doing it is better, we decided this year to associate our wishes with the planting of trees in association with Reforest’action.



Our partnership with Reforest’action is a concrete illustration of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility which, far from being a constraint, represents for us a code of conduct, a strategic value constantly taken into account in our development.

It is also a great opportunity to share with poetry this unifying and meaningful message with our customers, our partners and all of our employees.



Discover the backstage of your greeting card, eco- responsible and ethical right down to the yarns.

Weaving of the image

The image is woven in our Grammond (42) factory from a recycled polyester yarn, 100% made from the reprocessing of plastic bottle.

These yarns are made in short distribution channel in Italy and GRS certified (Global Recycling Standard).



Thanks to our greeting card, it’s 1300 plastic bottles that are not found in nature ?

  • tissage-carte-de-voeux

The bow

The ribbon used to make the bow is also woven in our Grammond (42) factory but this time from a Tencel™ yarns : an innovative fiber produced by the Austrian company Lenzing and made with a natural resource : wood.



This ecological fiber is FSC certificated and Ok Compost Home, the latter ensuring its biodegradability in home composting conditions.



Then, the ribbon is printed in our Saint-Etienne factory with a GOTS ink, guaranteeing socially responsible and environmentally friendly processes.

  • tissage-ruban-tencel

The card

Our card is printed in Haute-Loire (43) about 30 km from our workshop, by a certified Imprim’Vert partner printer (the brand of environmentally friendly printers).



The paper that we choose is composed by 40% of recycled fiber and 5% of cotton. It comes from the Freelife Merida range of FEDRIGONI and it is also FSC certified.

The assembly

To manufacture the greeting card, we have collaborated with LES ATELIERS DE L’ONDAINE of Loire ADAPEI, an ESAT (company employing disabled workers), in Chambon Feugerolles (42).



For this project, we were able to provide 8 days of work to 8 people.

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