Neyret weaves Qr Code labels for Satoshi Studio

Neyret weaves Qr Code labels for Satoshi Studio

An individualised Qr Code label for the Satoshi_09 basket

Satoshi Studio has partnered with Neyret for the realisation of its special woven label, a Qr Code label dedicated to its new pair of shoes Satoshi_09. 


This smart label has an individualised Qr Code which, from a simple scan, provides acess to the unique digital identity of the product. The user obtains a certificate hosted on a blockchain platform proving his product authenticity and allowing him to claim ownership.


The owner of Satoshi_09 shoes can also obtain, thanks to the QR Code label, information such as the materials used for its manufacture, the suppliers, the origin, the model and the instructions which then remain available throughout their life cycle.

Woven label and et cutting-edge technology

Our historics know-how combined with cutting-edge technology perfectly integrated into the product offer to our customers tailor-made solutions to “fonctionalise” their products with the total respect of their graphical charter and their creative inspirations.


The use of woven labels with individualised Qr Code allows brands to be as transparent as possible with their customers and to anticipate the end of a product’s life : seconde hand, recycling or resale.


It also allows them to fight against counterfeiting which is a serious problem in the fashion and luxury world and which causes brands to lose millions of euros every year.


” These labels are not only good looking, they are the results of long research and experimental development. “


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