Your woven label made with recycled polyester

Your woven label made with recycled polyester

Your woven label made from plastic bottle waste

As part of our CSR approach, we have deployed for more than 2 years a major ecological transition program for our materials. We are so  proud to highlight today our recycled polyester labels made from 100% reprocessing of plastic bottles.

150 bottles for 10 000 labels

The recycled polyester that makes up our labels comes from waste from food consumption. On the principle of upcycling, its use therefore directly contributes to limit pollution on land and in the oceans.


By choosing to make your future brand labels in recycled polyester, you will save the planet from around 150 bottles per 10,000 labels, and that’s a big deal !



A short circuit for an optimal ecodesign

Our 100% recycled polyester labels are woven in France from an innovative European yarn. Each yarn integrates a marker to ensure its local origin and to offer the user a controlled and demonstrable traceability. The plastic bottles used for its manufacture are collected within a 300km perimeter around the processing plant. Commitments which offer our customers the guarantee of an optimal eco-design approach.



The guarantee of responsible production

Recycled polyester yarns used for the manufacture of our labels are GRS certificated – Global Recycle Standard. An international standard which ensure that the raw materials are indeed from recycling and verifies that production is carried out in responsible social, environmental and chemical practices.


Our woven labels are also Oekotex standard 100 certificated, guaranteeing their users that there are no toxic products for the body and the environment in the finished product.





You want to make your brand labels from recycled material ?


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