Your product’s traceability label

Your product’s traceability label

A smart label...

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We have been phasing smart technologies into our products for several years now to respond to the identification, authentication, traceability and digital communication requirements of brands.

The mix of our core expertise with advanced technologies, perfectly integrated into the product offering, whatever the use, means we can provide you with tailor-made solutions to make your articles feature-rich in full compliance with your graphic charter and your creative inspirations.


Do you have a smart label project for your products ?



... for the traceability of your product


Production stage control

Checkpoint of quality controls or other key production steps, batch number identification, etc., meaning that from the outset of the product you can record in the label the first data on its origin, the manufacturer’s identification, its composition and thus start the beginning of its history !



Supply chain tracking & monitoring

Where are your products? When will they arrive in your warehouses? What are the average transit times? Identify bottlenecks, measure your performance, plan, organise and streamline your supply chain in just a few clicks.



Anti-counterfeiting measures

Protect your brand and its image from counterfeiting. Our label physically embeds an innovative and tamper-proof technological marker that we match with our digital encryption solution. Enjoy one of the highest levels of protection and keep counterfeiters and their copies at bay.



Real-time inventory

The must-have tool for your ominichannel strategy with real-time tracking of your stock in all your retail outlets and different storage areas. Stay on top of your entries and releases and log every movement through the label to analyse your flows and target ultra efficient sales campaigns.



Digital marketing of points of sale

Optimise sales in your stores thanks to the marketing potential of digital technologies. Connected shop windows, interactive fitting rooms, fun or informative multimedia experiences, with our labels you have the ultimate media to revamp your points of sale and redefine your customer relations.



Transparency and enhanced experience

When it comes to the place and conditions of manufacture, the raw materials, etc., this is where your smart label is a vital vector to share your CSR approach and pass on your product information with the transparency expected by your followers. You can also foster new experiences for your brand users via enriched multimedia content and immersive experiences thanks to augmented reality, brand community and much more.



Digital certificates, authentication & Blockhain

The circular economy has become a matter of course rather than an alternative. The second hand market paves the way for new perspectives for brands embarking upon their eco-transition. With each new owner, our label will guarantee (through a blockchain or traceability-based application) the authenticity of your product, and the different stages of its life (date of purchase, previous owners, repair, etc.).



Identification of raw materials

When your items have reached end of life, make recycling easier thanks to durable and immutable identification of their composition, origin and possible transformations. This is also a way to officially take your products off the market to avoid any parallel trade and to communicate “statistics” on your environmental approach.



A smart label fully remotely controlled by an online tool

“Activation/blocking of label features – Content management and administration – Custom dashboards – Data integration – Monitoring, tracking, identification, statistical control, measurements, etc. ”

At the service of the circular economy

Producing more efficiently

# Supply chain and sourcing rationalisation

# Better stock control = avoiding overproduction

# Less waste

Protecting the environment

# Use of environmentally friendly raw materials: recycled/bio-based and biodegradable

# Certified products: Oekotex, GOTS, FSC, GRS

# ISO 14001 certified company

 Thinking sustainably

# Promoting the circular economy, reuse and second hand

# Increasing the quality and unit value of your products

# Organising end-of-life and facilitating recycling

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