E-labelling: Web-based labelling solutions

E-labelling: Web-based labelling solutions


NIS Software: e-labelling, pro e-store and e-logistics

We have developed professional software in our dedicated IT division whereby our clients have remote control of their labels. Backed by a latest generation web platform, our NIS solutions guarantee simplified management, responsive production and reliability of data aimed at global distribution.

Formulas to match your requirements

The different formulas of our software can connect up to your ERP system to automate order processing and free up a great deal of the time your teams spend on labelling while eliminating risks of errors related to variable data input.

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WEBSHOP: Multi-account online store

All your labelling online (woven labels, size labels, composition labels, card labels and hang tags). The sourcing is then managed directly by your makers in accordance with your order instructions.

  • Outsourcing of requirements
  • Data securing
  • Full compliance
  • Supplier satisfaction:
    • a dedicated and professional contact person
    • an ergonomic tool
    • Responsible and flexible sourcing

The first step to outsourcing your labelling requirements

FLEXIBILITY: Online set-up and instant translation

You set up your information labels (composition labels, card labels) on an ergonomic web tool equipped with an automatic translation service, controlled content fields to prevent input errors and standardised symbols guaranteeing legal compliance.

  • Precision information
  • Web to print technology = responsiveness
  • Instant ready for print + controlled fields = limits risks of error

The flexibility tool can be associated to the Webshop pack and manage several accounts with controlled access.

Your secure online labelling service, available 24/7 across the world

COMFORT: Automatic data exchange

We can connect up to your ERP securely and transparently for you. This means that your labels can be launched automatically when placing your supplier orders: no doubling up of tasks, zero risks of error in the data set-up.

  • Automated and secure order processing
  • Adaptation to your ERP: all formats of data accepted
  • Automatic retrieval of information for configurable articles: COFREET symbols, composition data, information of origin, etc.

Comfort a mere click away: 100% reliability, compliance and consistency

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